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story presence:  It's all about your impact 

story presence 

A Leader’s Story Presence: What does it take to tell a great story?

​The best storytellers make it look easy. As a listener we are immediately pulled in by the glint in their eyes, the cadence and variety in their voice, and the expression on their face. It’s like they are telling the story with their whole bodies. But most of all, we are captured by how they make us feel. Great storytellers are willing to open themselves up and allow us to be in the story with them. We feel what they feel. We see what they see. And, most of all, we gain the realization and insight from the experience that they have had. Their story is now our story.

This is Story Presence! 

​At Protagonist Consulting all of our programs are imbued with presence coaching. We help leaders become great communicators in how they show up and embody their message. Often times it is the most subtle change in someone's physical or vocal presence that makes the biggest difference.