Personal Brand is an experience.

  • It's how other people experience you.
  • It’s how others experience themselves when they’re with you.
  • It’s the story they tell about you when you are gone. 

How people experience you affects their response to your leadership and your ideas. Personal Brand Experience helps executives and sales leaders become powerful communicators who command respect and build credibility with their colleagues and clients. 



  • Can you show up and be full present?
  • Can you connect authentically with others?
  • Can you open them up to your ideas? 

Leaders who exude Executive Poise and Presence present themselves and their ideas in a straightforward and genuine manner. They create environments that allow others to thrive. They know how to open others to their ideas and exert influence. They emanate a presence that is genuinely approachable, confident, and trustworthy. We want to listen to them and their messages resonate with meaning. They are able to bring business strategy to life and galvanize others to action.

Executive Poise, Presence and Influence is a experiential and hands-on program designed to increase a leader’s self-awareness and build critical presence and communication skills necessary for leading in an increasingly complex business environment.

  • Project a higher level of confidence and presence 
  • Understand how to tailor messages to their audience
  • ​Use metaphors and stories to make messages stick 

Custom Programs - intact teams

​All of our programs are custom in that we tailor each experience to client specific outcomes. We enjoy taking a fresh approach when invited and bring all of our skills and knowledge forward to create a truly impactful program. We invite you to engage us in conversation to see what experience we can create together that will meet the needs of your group. 

We can customize both large group awareness building, or small group transformational learning sessions. 

Topics can include: 

  • Moving from Strategy to Action 
  • Strategic Messaging for Senior Leaders 
  • Shark Tank Innovation - Presenting Your Case to Senior Leaders 
  • Story Development and Story Presence for Sales Teams
  • Personal Brand Development and Impression Management for Executives 
  • The Spirit of a Coach 

The Art of Leadership storytelling 

  • Are your leaders approachable?
  • Do they embody the core values of your organization? 

  • Can they bring their their leadership message to life? 

A recent study by Executive Development Associates * reports that the ability to develop a successful business strategy is no longer enough for today’s executives. The most successful organizations will be the ones with leaders who can create a compelling vision, and who can convey that vision to customers and employees with authenticity and impact. 

Executive leaders have the responsibility of bringing vision and strategy to life. They must galvanize others to action, especially when the external environment is volatile and uncertain.

Support C-Suite leaders responsible for executing strategy

standard and custom programs