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PROTAGONIST blog: how's Your soup? 

"how's your soup?"         by  Rob Salafia 

As a way to kick off our blog, we would like to share a story.

"It's early January, I am in a castle close to Amsterdam sitting at a table with 4 top executives from a leading Dutch bank. I am part of a 3-day leadership program and am one of the presenters as well as an executive coach on the program. 'What do you do?', one of the executives asks. Just as I am about to speak, the waiter lifts a bowl of soup over my head and places it in front of me. I thank the person and then say to the group, 'Let me show you". 

"I lean way back in my seat, put a bit of a scowl on my face and in a flat and disinterested voice say to the group, "How's your soup?".

"I then lean forward in my seat, engage each of them with my eyes, and with a curious and sincere voice inquire, "How's your soup?".

The faces at the table are engaged, a laugh breaks out and sounds of understanding are given by the group. 

"Who you are being when you are saying what you are saying, says more about what you are saying than what you are saying." Mike Lipkin

So, let me ask you, "How's your soup?"

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