When I watch Rob working with senior leaders there are couple of words that come to mind: passion, authenticity, helping others to transform, compelling and engaging. Last but not least a pleasure to work with!

Ewa Wisniewska,

Head of Culture and Organizational Development  

NN Group


Rob makes leaders shine. I engaged Rob to help coach and train two high performing CEOs in facilitation and speech delivery. Both individuals had different requirements. One needed better storytelling skills and the other in leadership presence. In the short day we spent with Rob, he was able to coach and train them in tandem, helping them to build and refine their skills by learning off each other. Rob used a conversational and casual coaching style which helped disarm the mechanical/processed sequencing often associated in these training.

Timothy Wong

Senior Manager, Learning Design and Content 

Young President's Organization (YPO)


I had the pleasure of working with Rob in planning our fall 2015 Vynamic company meeting. These meetings are critical to maintaining our company's culture and always come with a lot of high-level and detained planning. Rob understood that from the very beginning and proved flexible to many different requests throughout the planning process, including ways to tie our keynote speaker to the program, shifting timelines, and requests to accommodate a shorter program window. He provided fast and insightful feedback, and flexibility in meeting at various times throughout each week. Most importantly, Rob helped shape the content to what would be most impactful for our organization and freed our planning team to focus on other content and meeting logistics. 

On the day of the event, Rob facilitated the day brilliantly! As an attendee of the workshops. I really valued the multiple opportunities to practice the capabilities being developed. It never felt for a moment like he was talking at us. It was a lively and energetic conversation. I especially loved the breaks back into the materials from the group work. We even learned some Italian! Even outside of the formal session Rob engaged with us and got to know us.

It was a wonderful experience and would HIGHLY recommend Rob. 

Saurabh Raman, Director

Vynamic LLC 

Philadelphia, PA


We have used Rob to facilitate transformative learning experiences as part of leadership development programs for custom clients at SMU Cox Executive Education. His passion and authentic style allow him to connect very quickly with participants and create rich learning environments. If you asked clients “Would you recommend Rob to a colleague?”, the answer would be a resounding Yes!

William Joiner, Director of Business Development 
SMU COX Executive Education
Dallas, TX


I highly appreciate the support of Rob in our top leadership development program for executives. We have worked together for two years now and I must say it is a pleasure to see how Rob is able to engage the groups that he works with. He combines in a smart way his performing arts background with the latest research on leadership behavior. It is impressive to see and experience the differences of presentations before and after a seminar with Rob. Whenever I think of Rob and his work the following quotation appears in my mind: "What you wish to kindle in others must burn within yourself." (August von Hippo) 

Thank you Rob. 

Peter-Paul Gross, Leadership Development Expert




"Unique learning experience. A very good blend of art and science!"

I had the pleasure of knowing Rob through our leadership development program. I was thrilled by his positive impact to our performance. His ability to combine his performing art background with a capacity to challenge and reshape the context and message of any presentation makes his unique. He has a talent for coaching the team as well as the best performance of each individual. 

I believe any team speaking support for a better performance would highly benefit from his contribution. 

Atila Yensen

Makro Cash & Carry

Rob helped us design and deliver an experiential leadership development program for 60 senior managers in a global music entertainment brand.

Three things stood out for me in working with Rob.

1. His insights and expertise brought some great depth to a module focused on helping leaders develop a powerful personal brand.

2. His experience and creativity allowed him to deliver one of the most compelling and enjoyable modules of the program. It was a great mix of planned content and spontaneous improvisation based on the needs of the delegates in the room.

3. His collaborative style made the design process a lot of fun, combining insight, challenge and imagination throughout.

Rob is a strategic partner for designing and delivering leadership programs and I'm looking forward to many more collaborations in the future!

Elvin Turner, Director of Innovation Consulting

DPA Consulting

London, UK 

Rob’s sessions are extremely powerful in building the right mindset, creating trust and developing leaders to be more effective and inspiring communicators. His 30 years of experience show he is a true master at his craft and a delight to work with.  At ING, we have used Rob for a range of programs and interventions. Most notably, he plays a pivotal role in our Senior Banking Program, our flagship development program for the top 250 of the organization. 

In addition to being an executive coach on the program, Rob facilitates two powerful, large group sessions: Translating Vision and Strategy to Action, as well as On-camera Media Coaching.

Rob is an important part of our leadership development strategy. 

Alex Klein, Executive Development

ING Bank

Amsterdam, Netherlands 


Dear Rob,

About two weeks after we worked together I had a chance to use the story I developed on the last day of your session for the large group module I led at LifeLaunch. The feedback was that it significantly added to both the engagement with and the understanding of the material. I believe one of the outcomes of your session was to help us bring our material to life. This was definitely achieved. 

As a team, we paid more attention to setting the environment and intention in advance and we all found that to be very effective as well. My big takeaway was that finding the right balance between stories and content is an important key to getting the most out of storytelling. Of course, this implicitly says stories add to the effectiveness and should be part of how we connect with the participants and connect the participants to the material. 

With appreciation, 

Karl Grass, Leadership Team member

Hudson Institute of Coaching 

Sarasota, FL


Dear Rob,

You were fantastic!  Our team felt they gained enormously from our work with you and we are developing a plan to move it all forward into our work.  You are a great team, great models of shared leadership, powerful demonstrators of positive and growth-ful feedback.

Pam McLean, CEO

Hudson Institute of Coaching 

​Santa Barbara, CA



It was an outstanding two days!  Our leader team was over the moon about the work and the impact it will have with people attending our programs – Thank you!

​Toni McLean, 

Hudson Institute of Coaching 

Santa Barbara, CA

Hope you're well and enjoying the start of summer. I wanted to thank you again for spending time with our team several weeks ago. I participated in a client meeting yesterday with a group that knows our story and in which I have strong relationships. Unfortunately we haven't been getting our fair share. As I was listening and observing the audience, I couldn't stop thinking of (the part of) our session where I broke through and played a coach in the locker room. (I believe I knocked down the board).
I stood up and gave a very passionate plea (to our client) with a strong close on why this group needs to start using our services. In my 13 years of wholesaling this was one of the most powerful messages I've ever given (being in the moment). Afterwards the entire group had made a commitment to both Jim and I on holding them accountable.


Alliance Bernstein


​Hi Rob:

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to help me understanding the value of being present, to breathe and to pace myself. Because of you I now
know that my actions, my voice, emotion, expression influence how I express myself.  Your words and encouragement will help me be a better person.

​Thank you!  So very much!
Jennie - MIT Graduate Student 

1:1 COACHING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Rob is a well-grounded and well-rounded coach. He has taught me the power of story-telling. It has meant a great deal in my own development and in my development as a leader. As a personal coach he stands out as somebody who is able to select the right combination of exercises at the right time. 

Peter Penning, IT Manager 

ING Bank

Amsterdam, Netherlands


​Rob is a splendid coach and a pleasure to work with. He helped me out with my self-awareness through his background in martial arts and performing arts. I am still working with him to develop my storytelling skills. He challenged me a lot and that helped me to make the next step. 

Ramon Riedijk

ING Bank

Amsterdam, Netherlands 


Rob is an incredible coach. In one session only he helped me to find "my story" again. An internal flame that left me a couple of years ago. Since our coaching engagement I have been able to take my business to the next level, without any more effort. I highly recommend Rob and his deep work around "story". 

Christo Schutte

​The Game Within

Philadelphia, PA

​Hi Rob,
A quick note to let you know I spoke at a conference yesterday, where I used some of the coaching that you gave to me. Most importantly, my self-confidence level was much higher than I would have assumed and that helped a lot in bringing across my message. There’s obviously a lot to improve. I’m glad I did this, as I’ll have the presentation at the other conference (we spoke about) next week.
I’m still fine-tuning my story for that one!

Thanks again,

ING Bank


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